Yamamoto Masao

Bonsai Microcosm Macrocosm 

Vernissage am 07. Februar 2019 um 18 Uhr


Ab dem 7. Februar zeigt Galerie Stefan Vogdt die neue Serie des japanischen Kult - Photographen Yamamoto Masao, die sich dieses Mal der Bonsai - Tradition widmet. Nach der ersten, sehr erfolgreichen Ausstellung dieser neuen Werkreihe mit dem Titel Microcosm Macrocosm in der Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung in Berlin, werden die Bilder nun zum ersten Mal in München gezeigt.

“People are surprised at how a bonsai tree instantly dominates the atmosphere of the room it is placed in. That Intense tension in the room soon changes to a slow passing of time, calming our hearts. Famous bonsais may be hundreds or thousands of years old. Perhaps the time it has withstood gives the tree a kind of aura. And perhaps I continue to photograph bonsais to find out why they have such an effect. Its greatness is not something that can be explained in words.
Its life, sustained inside a small pot, with the smallest amount of soil, both embraces tranquility of life and agitation of death. Its existence, so powerful, distinguished, and radiating, makes it worthy of marvel. While a bonsai mimics nature, it is not left untamed in the wild. Bonsai is a creation born out of a playful collaboration between nature and people. Its purpose can be perceived as one of metaphysical ideology.
The world of Bonsai is similar to that of the world of haiku and waka, as it is built on minimal elements alone. Furthermore, I’ve always felt that photography and haiku are very similar methods of expression.” Yamamoto Masao, March 2018

Alle Bilder: © Yamamoto Masao, Bonsai Microcosm Macrocosm, 2018, Silbergelatineabzug.